In the past years we’ve had the honor to make two leaders including VFX effects for a dutch national television network: KRO-NCRV.

The TV Show #jesuisdepri is a show for young adults. We worked with original footage from the series and blended everything in a VFX compilation.
This program is about young people struggling with mental issues as depression. In our intro leader we tried to visualize the loneliness and battles in their heads.

Documentary ‘Heb Je Kinderen?’
This documentary is about a fragile theme: the different kinds of unwanted childlessness.  On the basis of this story is the journey of documentary film maker Ines Ten Berge and her coping with her unwanted childlessness. In the the intro leader we visualized her dream bursting into bubbles.

All the VFX of the leader of ‘Heb Je Kinderen?’ was done by our own team. Also this video stars our own #SetVexyKid: Noah.






Television leader, VFX
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