When record label 8 Ball Music asked us if we where up for a challenge, we had no idea they would ask us to capture 12 music video’s for an entire album in 3 days… and so we did!

MAAN (winner The Voice of Holland 2016) wanted to release her new album ‘Onverstaanbaar’ with a bang and this required video content for every song.
Her wish: all the tracks should be visually supported with music videos when streaming her album on YouTube or Spotify. Besides that she also wanted to be able to incorporate the visuals for live performances.

Produced in 1 week, shot in 3 days and edited in 2 weeks.
We couldn’t be more proud of our team for pulling this off!

Watch the full video playlist on YouTube *

*The video’s we created for tracks 3 and 9 where only featured on Spotify.




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